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    It’s not that often I get a girl crush, but when I recently discovered German blogger Maja Wyh, I was smitten. Not only is this lady stunningly gorgeous and fresh as a daisy, her skill in odd-ball layering is some of the most sophisticated and chic style I have seen in awhile. I’m obsessed with every single look she puts together and oogle at her ability to layer up to 7 different proportions of clothing on her body at once-this is a serious skillset.

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  2. The City of Lights

    So I’ve  been in Paris for two days now….its been a busy couple of days!  Getting around has been very interesting as  (a) I do not speak French (b)  have never been here before and (c) have no idea where I am half the time.  I’ve been very adventurous and have been trying to take the […]

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