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    It is always hard to decipher which trend will be the biggest at retail when sorting thru thousands of runway images.  However, this season there was a clear winner. Designers all over the world are tapping into a 1970′s mood for Spring 2011. Marc Jacobs was the first to wow us at the start of the […]

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  2. FALL 2010 – BANDANARAMA: A trend slowly emerges

    When trend spotting, it is important to not only look for large dominant trends, but to also keep your eye on smaller trends that are just showing their first signs of making their way.  It is harder to spot these trends because they aren’t as obvious, but these are essential for the fashion forward to […]

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  3. TREND ALERT- Cropped denim

    Living in “The Denim capitol of the World”, it can be difficult to figure out the next frontier in denim styling.There are so many offerings, so many styles…and they all just seem to blend together and not really stand out as any particular statement.  Boring…. But much to my dismay, I was THRILLED as I […]

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