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    A few years ago when I visited New Orleans with some of my best friends, I was told by my highschool girlfriend that I had to meet her cousin, musician Kristin Diable if I wanted to find out a good perspective on living in New Orleans and the music scene. Kristin grew up where I did, in Baton Rouge, but left and lived in New York City for awhile before she moved to New Orleans and became a fixture in the community. We met at one of my favorite Nola bars, Bar Tonique, and she gave me her rundown on living in the city of New Orleans. Before I left she handed me her latest CD and we promised to stay in touch as to where I decided to move.

    I didn’t waste much time in getting a listen on her music, and I was immediately mesmerized with her songwriting and her unique voice. It was one of those albums that once you started listening you just can’t stop and I would play it over and over again while I drove my car around Los Angeles contemplating my move and the desires of my heart. I immediately started to follow Kristin via social media and we quickly found out we were amongst the same tribe -a gypsy warrior woman on a journey of a soul-filled and adventurous life, taking in everything we can along the way and always looking forward.

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