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A few years ago when I visited New Orleans with some of my best friends, I was told by my highschool girlfriend that I had to meet her cousin, musician Kristin Diable if I wanted to find out a good perspective on living in New Orleans and the music scene. Kristin grew up where I did, in Baton Rouge, but left and lived in New York City for awhile before she moved to New Orleans and became a fixture in the community. We met at one of my favorite Nola bars, Bar Tonique, and  she gave me her rundown on living in the city of New Orleans. Before I left she handed me her latest CD and we promised to stay in touch as to where I decided to move.

I didn’t waste much time in getting a listen on her music, and I was immediately mesmerized with her songwriting and her unique voice. It was one of those albums that once you started listening you just can’t stop and I would play it over and over again while I drove my car around Los Angeles contemplating my move and the desires of my heart. I immediately started to follow Kristin via social media and we quickly found out we were amongst the same tribe -a gypsy warrior woman on a  journey of a soul-filled and adventurous life, taking in everything we can along the way and always looking forward. We also  happen to have a love for vintage clothing(we actually own several of the same exact vintage pieces) and a penchant for wearing hats( she has a collection of over 100 hats!).

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Kristin’s music is the special kind that you feel deep. It’s hard to describe her sound as you can’t really put her or her music into a box. It’s vey soulful, hits the blues and country occasionally, has notes of rock n roll and could be labeled “Americana” in many layman’s terms. Similar to the city she lives in, her music is filled with many influences and takes you on a journey of depth and realness. I have connected to all of her lyrics especially her stories of love and loss and most of the women I have shared her music with have the same sentiment. Kristin seems to share many women’s inner most thoughts about finding and keeping love and the struggles we encounter daily to stay on our course and to live our truth. Her lyrics express freedom and independence with an underlying layer of hope and shining light that is inherent in all of her songs.

Kristin’s life journey is inspiring as she shows a great example of the rewards in following your true passion and being open to the road in front of you, the places you go to and the people you meet along the way. While traveling solo to the UK, Spain and Morocco in the summer of 2013, Kristin performed at a luncheon showcase during the Maverick roots festival in rural England that happened to have the co-founder of Nashville’s music management firm Thirty Tigers in the audience. Watching Kristin perform for the first time, he was mesmerized by her presence and her unique musical perspective and he immediately approached Kristin about working together back in Nashville. Diable soon joined Patty Griffin, Jason Isbell, Shooter Jennings and rockabilly pioneer Wanda Jackson on the Thirty Tigers roster of management clients and spent 2014 recording and planning her next album, “Create your Own Mythology”, that is releasing on February 24th, 2015. 

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I’ve now seen Kristin perform live several times, and I can tell you that she is mesmerizing in every way. She’s a beautiful and confident woman that knows her place in the music industry and it shows. She’s got a unique style and a vision giving her everything it takes to be the shining star that she is. She’s already opened up for some of my favorites from Justin Townes Earle to Dwight Yoakam and Lucinda Williams. It’s only a matter of time before she is the headliner and I feel sure this year’s album and tour will get her there.

She is currently out on tour promoting her new album alongside other new artists with Communion Music, so if you get the chance to check her out I highly recommend it.

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After this part of her tour, she will land back in New Orleans to play at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival right around the same time of her album release. Kristin has been playing the festival for years and is a highly cherished and respected musician in New Orleans(she also has her own record label, Speakeasy Records). But now with the help of her new management team, the word is getting out and she is spreading her voice all over the world.

This week, NPR featured her new song “Time Will Wait” on All Songs Considered which you can stream here.

Paste magazine also featured the song while my favorite source for music, American Songwriter Magazine, featured part 3 of her album preview video here.

Be a part of the journey to the release of “Create your own mythology” and join Pledge Music in pre-ordering her album and many other special offers she has on their website.

And I especially invite you to join her personal journey via social media on her Instagram feed as well as keeping up with her on facebook.

Screen shot 2015 01 22 at 11.44.30 AM SOUND: KRISTIN DIABLE   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Kristin on a porch while traveling thru the Delta looking for old school juke joints to play in.

When Kristin returns to Nola, I hope to be able to get a more in depth look at her style to share with you on a future post.

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