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Well it’s been quite a bit since I’ve shared with you. A few weeks after my move to New Orleans, I got in a bad car accident and broke my leg and ankle. I had surgery and I was laid up for 6 weeks with my pain pills and Hulu Tv. For someone who is constantly moving and on the go, this proved to be a very challenging time for me. I had just gotten to New Orleans and I wanted to get out and start to meet people and enjoy this beautiful city. But God  had other plans in store. I took my prescription of no walking for 6 weeks as a gift of rest after having been on the move so much these past few years.

Everyone was warning me about getting depressed and how important it was to stay positive. I’m happy to admit that I only had a handful of darker days and the rest of the days I spent being thankful for all of the gifts that have been given to me in the past few years. I think I had to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN in order to actually see how all of the moves I had made and the hard decisions I encountered had led up to where I was now here in New Orleans.

The journey that led me here started several years ago during my life in Los Angeles. It all happened during the same time that I started to push away from the confines of the fashion industry searching for people and creations that had meaning and purpose. When I changed this blog over and started talking about handmade luxury and a movement towards the artisanal, I too started to feel a burn inside for a more soulful life. I kept this feeling at bay for awhile as I had a great life in Los Angeles, was successful in my career and had a really fantastic crew of friends that I had been building in my 8 years living there.

I started to search inside for what I really wanted out of the rest of my life. The answer that I came up with was QUALITY rather than QUANTITY. For a few years, my gut continued to tell me that it was time to make a change. To move somewhere else, to re-invent myself again under a different set of rules. I was coming upon my 40th birthday and it seemed like the right time to take a risk and make a bold move.

Texas had been gnawing at me for awhile and I was excited about the idea of connecting to my roots in Texas. I was born in Houston and both of my parents and their families were Texan. My great great Uncle Reese Lockett was a cowboy that put on the first rodeo in Madison Square Garden and also started The Texas Prison Rodeo in Hunstville and the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo. He also initiated the idea and served as the trail boss of the Salt Grass Trail, owned a men’s store, was good friends with Will Rogers, and was mayor of Brenham for 28 years while running a 900 acre working cattle farm. Now those are some roots!

Around the same time I started looking at Austin as a place to live, I took a fun trip with four of my best friends to New Orleans. A few had never been before and I hadn’t been since I was in college at LSU and I wanted to go back and connect to my roots there. Seeing New Orleans as an adult after having lived in large metropolitan cities, gave me a whole new appreciation for this unique city. After that trip, Nola came up on my radar as a place to move. So there it was: Austin or New Orleans.

After some serious debating and major Pro and Con lists, I decided to move to Texas and just make a risky move without having any job or place lined up.


The last year and a half in Texas was phenomenal and led me to connecting with so many amazing people, places and things. I met friends that I will have for a lifetime, I connected with my family and I found my love in Texas.

Just as I was starting to become a part of the creative community and putting down roots in Texas, I got an invitation to move to New Orleans. Once again, I jumped, I took a risk and I couldn’t be happier about it. I finally feel like I am home and I’m inspired by every person and sight I encounter around this soulful, magical, unique city I now very proudly call my home.

So here I am. I’ve landed from the jump and it feels good.

This picture above was taken by my good friend @lohdy who went on my road trip with me from Cali to Texas. We took this at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico during a super fun two hour photoshoot early in the morning before we headed east on I-10. At the time I didn’t realize how much this photo would mean to me now. It represents so much more to me than just a good time on the sand dunes. On this road to recovery, there were moments that I wondered if I could be fully active again…running, jumping, bicycling, and everything else we all do so freely and don’t really ever think about. When I look at this picture now I think about what it feels like to jump for joy, the strength that it takes to move upward and above…the risk involved with jumping on shaky ground. I look at the joy in my face and the strength in my body and I feel proud to know that I have landed from that jump into a very satisfying place.

Sharing this whole story is very personal to me and if you have made it this far in this post you will get why I wanted to share all of this. At the start of this new year, I want to encourage you to jump, to take risks, to follow your heart, your gut, that gnawing thing inside of you telling you what to do. It’s always right. It might take some time to reveal itself, and it might be a long road to feeling the fulfillment, but it is always worth it to take the path less traveled and to always go where your heart leads you.

I don’t know what my year will be like in this new city but I know that it will be fun figuring out what I can bring to a city that is gurgling with creativity. I do know that as of this week I am officially walking again on both feet. Waiting patiently until I can jump again as high as the sky.

P.S. Stay tuned, TSR is officially back after a two month hiatus. I can’t wait to share all that I discover in the magical and historical city of New Orleans.

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