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Archived: January 2015


    Veronique Branquinho S/S 2015

    For awhile now I’ve been fascinated with the use of rope in interior design and I started to notice a trend in rope becoming a bigger player in the accessories market for Spring 2015. I’ve got a rope belt that was on a COREY dress from years ago and I always love to tie it around my favorite pair of Levi’s and other baggy pants during the spring and summer time. It looks like this simple idea is taking shape in many different varieties in Spring dressing this year which makes me happy. I love when a simple item such as rope becomes a trend as it is so easy to work with and so easy to find.

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    A few years ago when I visited New Orleans with some of my best friends, I was told by my highschool girlfriend that I had to meet her cousin, musician Kristin Diable if I wanted to find out a good perspective on living in New Orleans and the music scene. Kristin grew up where I did, in Baton Rouge, but left and lived in New York City for awhile before she moved to New Orleans and became a fixture in the community. We met at one of my favorite Nola bars, Bar Tonique, and she gave me her rundown on living in the city of New Orleans. Before I left she handed me her latest CD and we promised to stay in touch as to where I decided to move.

    I didn’t waste much time in getting a listen on her music, and I was immediately mesmerized with her songwriting and her unique voice. It was one of those albums that once you started listening you just can’t stop and I would play it over and over again while I drove my car around Los Angeles contemplating my move and the desires of my heart. I immediately started to follow Kristin via social media and we quickly found out we were amongst the same tribe -a gypsy warrior woman on a journey of a soul-filled and adventurous life, taking in everything we can along the way and always looking forward.

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    Well it’s been quite a bit since I’ve shared with you. A few weeks after my move to New Orleans, I got in a bad car accident and broke my leg and ankle. I had surgery and I was laid up for 6 weeks with my pain pills and Hulu Tv. For someone who is constantly moving and on the go, this proved to be a very challenging time for me. I had just gotten to New Orleans and I wanted to get out and start to meet people and enjoy this beautiful city. But God had other plans in store. I took my prescription of no walking for 6 weeks as a gift of rest after having been on the move so much these past few years.

    Everyone was warning me about getting depressed and how important it was to stay positive. I’m happy to admit that I only had a handful of darker days and the rest of the days I spent being thankful for all of the gifts that have been given to me in the past few years. I think I had to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN in order to actually see how all of the moves I had made and the hard decisions I encountered had led up to where I was now here in New Orleans.

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