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Archived: October 2014


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    Right before I moved to New Orleans I worked on a styling job that was pretty special so I wanted to share it with you. Bauble Bar is an online jewelry and accessory company from NYC that came to Austin, TX to shoot a special friend of the company for their “Guest Bartender” story that they feature monthly. For this special series they chose Megan Runser as their guest bartender, a beautiful woman fighting Leukemia who got in touch with the company to express her dream of being a Guest Bartender on their website. Megan reached out to Bauble Bar never thinking that her dream would actually come true. Well, this life-threatening cancer had hit one of the owners close to home, so the company decided to make Megan’s dream come true.

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    This past weekend I went to a free event (most live music is free in this town btw) to see a band I discovered this summer at SXSJ in Austin, Hurray for the Riff Raff. The event featured several New Orleans artists and musicians and The Joy theater was packed full of the Riff Raff’s local fan base. They’ve been out on tour promoting their new album, Small Town Heroes, and were thrilled to be back in Nola performing for their crowd. I wanted to share their music with you as their sound is very unique and their story of success lies in the heart of what New Orleans is all about. Lead singer, Alynda Lee Segarra started the band in New Orleans and is aiming to leave a hefty mark on the Americana folk music scene. She makes her music for the riff raff, the underdogs and says, “We really feel at home with a lot of worlds of people that don’t really seem to fit together, and we find a way to make them all hang out with our music. Whether it’s the queer community or some freight train-riding kids or some older guys who love classic country, a lot of folks feel like mainstream culture isn’t directed at them. We’re for those people.”

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