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This past week I discovered somebody that I should’ve already known about given my love of the Blues and the fact that I grew up in Louisiana. One of Austin’s hotspots, Justine’s Brasserie, hosted the Legendary harmonica swampy blues musician Lazy Lester in the corner of their famed restaurant and boy was it special. Not only did I get to see this Legendary 81 year old play his harp like no other, I also got to spend some time talking with him and hearing some great stories about his life and career. I found out we had more in common than our love of the blues, we also have seemed to been on the same path in regard to the places we have resided: Baton Rouge, Michigan and California.

image1 1024x1024 SOUND: LOUISIANAS LAZY LESTER   The Sche Report / Margaret ScheThis guy has been around the block and has played and recorded with all of the blues legends since the 50′s and his songs have been recorded by The Kinks, Dwight Yaokam and The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Seeing him at Justine’s was a very special moment and I hope to be lucky enough to see him perform again. He has no plans of slowing down, he is headed to Norway and Spain this summer to tour and plans on being back in Austin in September. Take a look at his website to find out more about this legend. And I’d highly recommend downloading some of his music.

Here is a video clip of him performing a few years ago.

Lazy Lester


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