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Over the holidays my assistant Jonathan visited his family in Hong Kong and stumbled upon some cool tidbits in the HK fashion scene. One of which is a local style icon named Hilary Tsui and after visiting her website I immediately fell in love with her great sense of style.

tumblr lw5g4abxtp1ql6bz8o1 500 MODERN MUSE: HILARY TSUI   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Hilary in the bottom picture snapped in Paris by Scott Schuman

Hilary is an actress in HK but is more well known for her fashion forward style. Browsing through her website, it is not surprising to see how her eclectic style makes her a popular figure. I immediately identified with the way she approaches fashion and specifically the way she seems to build her wardrobe around a few key quality pieces. I find this approach not only being eco-friendly, but also showing her readers that quality pieces have its value if you use them with a bit of imagination.

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It wasn’t hard to notice some of our hot trends on Hilary’s daily wardrobe as I’m sure she is also an avid follower of the runways. One trend on her that particularly stood out to me is her endorsement of our Fall 2011 “All in One” color trend. We saw the emergence of a head-to-toe color styling scheme on the runway and predicted that it will be popular among the magazines and hipsters all around. It is quite a daring and tricky look to master so I was happy to see it being demonstrated here. She made it work for the streets by mixing different shades of the same color, keeping the silhouette relaxed, and mixing in neutral accessories.

tumblr lwcu1gta9e1qjxv2i MODERN MUSE: HILARY TSUI   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

tumblr lw3aoerdax1qjxv2i MODERN MUSE: HILARY TSUI   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

tumblr lvxnm0q3yl1qjxv2i MODERN MUSE: HILARY TSUI   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

I have always been envious of HK’s appetite for fashion forward and alternative styling and Hilary Tsui is a great example of this. You will see her clothes ranging from labels such as Prada and Celine to edgier brands such as Paris’ Bless and Japan’s Kolor, and all the way to lesser known HK locals such as CCChu and Joanna Ho (both I’m quickly falling in love with!!) While in HK, Jonathan also visited Hilary’s boutique named “Liger” and I can’t wait to talk more about that along with a few other cool HK locales.

And just when I thought I was done, I saw on her website that this girl is also a die-hard foodie! She seems to frequently post scrumptious looking pics of her meals along with her daily style. I love nothing more than a fashion chick who also loves food; check out Hilary Tsui’s website to equally satisfy your appetite for fierce fashion and delectable food!

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