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Fashion loves an updated version of classic items and the latest wardrobe stable to have the fashion treatment is the “t-shirt”. Fashion’s love with sports at the moment has inevitably led to a lot of designers favoring the sporty and easy silhouette of the t-shirt. This season, designers interpreted this casual basic into a more Luxe version with simple details that speak of the season.

lux tee SPRING 2012 TREND ALERT: LUXE TEE   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Top Row: Christopher Kane, Celine, Adam, Naeem khan, Maiyet, Balenciaga

The silhouettes are slightly exaggerated to play with proportions and most designer’s variations are made from luxurious fabrics such as gauze, chiffon, and leather. Celine and Acne both presented clean boxy tees made in sumptuous leather while Christopher Kane romanticized the t-shirt by covering it with floral embroideries. Overall, there are many versions of the Lux Tee available and such an item perfectly encapsulates the essence of the new Season.

Today’s style community often favors subtlety. The merit of an outfit oftentimes comes down to the placement of a seam, the unassuming intricacy of a multi-use garment, or a simple t-shirt that is easy and yet unpredictable at the same time. The clean leather options can be great for a sophisticated daytime look and the sheer flowy version would make a great nighttime substitution to the silk blouse.

Oftentimes it is an item like the new lux tee that excites me the most when it comes to putting together my outfit. The possibilities are limitless and I can’t wait to add an item that has instant cool factor for  my Spring wardrobe.


  1. Vladimir

    I really love the fact that you have such a strnog focus on footwear, like you find appreciation in various collections and then the part you adopt in to your life is the footwear. I am not sure I would have been drawn to those shoes on their own myself, but when I think about it as an artful encapsulation of the ideas behind that whole collection, the design value is fully comprehended and admired. I think the most important thing I personally get out of loving collections is new-to-me combinations of colours, textures, and fabrics (although the longer I study that, the more I recognize the cycles, and then maybe what’s interesting is how the cycles morph in proportions.)

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