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Today I would like to present my “Look of The Day” for Monday 9/12. Now that we are fast approaching the end of NYFW, certain trends are starting to concretely solidify and the look I chose today successfully employs these dominating NYFW themes in one cohesive, modern, and appealing ensemble. The winning look goes to Donna Karan‘s main collection – a range that showcased strong yet feminine pieces in earthy muted tones, presenting the tribal warrior princess whose battle field is clearly in the modern urban city.

 NYFW LOOK OF THE DAY : DAY 6   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

The specific look I choose from this collection happens to embody a few major themes currently blowing strong in New York. It perfectly encompasses the “Ladylike Sporty”  look which is an evolution from last season’s “Refined Elegance” motto. Donna Karan once again balanced the prim and proper and the sporty by pairing a full skirt with a neoprene scuba vest featuring an oversized exposed zipper, yet another trend that is strong to come. And on top of which, she throws in just the right amount of sex appeal and femininity which I always love her for.

 NYFW LOOK OF THE DAY : DAY 6   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

The print on the skirt was truly inspiring also. The Picasso-esque tribal print, which was actually inspired by Haitian artist Phillipe Dodar, feels vibrant yet modern and sleek, both quintessential keywords to the Donna Karan ethos. The collection as a whole is a vibrant and energetic outing for Ms. Karan.

Often designers draw inspiration from juxtaposition, finding beauty in pairings that are seemingly at odds – ladylike and sports, floral and geometric prints, black and white, leather and silk…etc. I am excited for the current attitude coming from NY’s Spring shows and eager to see if this momentum will build on itself throughout the other major cities also. As we approach the end of NYFW, looks like the show that will give us a hint of what will be is the historically influential Marc Jacobs show, which coincidentally closes NYFW this season, can’t wait!

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  1. Joelson

    I was enchanted wncihtag this, until the very mainstream ending – it suddenly felt a bit “Disney” to me, or Spielberg for that matter. BUT, do I enjoy it, like Duplass’s last words in the movie, I close this comment with an “I do.”Wonderful review!

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