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Movies as a medium have been gaining popularity as a mean for the public to gain familiarity with the fashion industry. While fictional movies and quasi-real TV shows such as The Hills provide a surreal image of the industry,  audiences who are looking to really find out more about the industry are turning to documentaries. I personally prefer the latter as it provides a more credible and analytical look into an otherwise perceivably vane and elusive industry.

The latest serving of the fashion documentary is “God Save my Shoes“. The movie basically explores the age-old relationship between women and their love of shoes. It does so by interviewing top designers such as Christian Louboutin and Pierre Hardy as well as well-known shoes fanatics such as Dita Von Teese and Fergie the singer. The film strives to explain how women feel when they put on the perfect pair of shoes, what it does for them, and how that desire or yearning could even be the basis of an entire industry. More interestingly, we will get to see how designers understand the desire women have for their creations .

It is no secret that the perfect pair of shoes adds style to an outfit, on top of which it lends confidence to the wearer along with an unexplainable sense of being. I believe the most attractive aspect of shoes is that they defy limitation of body types and silhouettes, and are an equal opportunist when it comes to trends, styles, and chicness.

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