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One of the bigger trends on the runways was a feeling of romance.  With all the doom and gloom over the best several years in the economy, a shift is happening encouraging a little pomp and circumstance over the subdued.

This trend is called ROMANTIC DICHOTOMY because we saw the trend in two extreme opposites:  a dark side and a light side.

2 dark romantic dichotomy FALL 2011 TOP 10 TRENDS:  #3 ROMANTIC DICHOTOMY   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

The dark side has a Gothic feel led by Ann Demeulemeester who showcased layers of black ruffles over feathers and long dark monkey fur.

Colors are dark and stormy combining black with dark blues, grey and burgundy.  Dark Florals were featured at Jil Sander, Antonio Marras and Erdem shown in sweeping silhouettes with ruffles and flow.  Expect to see darker florals as a big trend in all markets including the Interiors market and the Juniors market.  The biggest items in this category will be dresses and long skirts with florals also popping up on handbags and shoes.

Floral Applique embellishment and trims are a key component.  Black flowers with shredding and texture are unique and add interest to outerwear and men’s suiting fabrics.

Feathers are important used as an embellishment on tops and dresses as well as on accessories. Feathers are soft and light in feel but bring a dark and stormy substance to many designs.  Look for details around necklines and waistlines and expect them to be paired with chiffon and other transparent fabrics to keep the romance alive.

Chiffon Pleating was seen from many, but the leader in this Dark Romance trend was Vera Wang who sent out a plethera of light and flowy looks combined with dark substance.  Look for accordian pleating with chiffon in long and midi skirts and dresses.  Some fabrications are more transparent and use layering to tell the story.  For this trend, chiffon is juxtaposed with harder elements for a Gothic feel.

Victorian Necklines are also a part of this trend.  Look for them positioned on romantic ruffled dresses and tops adding a sophisticated look while also channeling the romance of yesteryear.

light romantic dichotomy FALL 2011 TOP 10 TRENDS:  #3 ROMANTIC DICHOTOMY   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

On the light side, the trends are the same but have a more feminine and traditional romantic feel.

Colors are light including pastels of pink, blue and yellow.  Creme is mixed with white for a tonality and Pastel Florals are important.  Missoni showcased this palette beautifully with pale yellow and pink at its core with almost all garments mixing light florals combined with their traditional knitwear patterns.

Ruffles and Flounce were showcased at Dior and Alberta Ferretti with layers of chiffon creating interesting textures for shape.

Again, Floral Appliques are key.  Using beading and fabrics, flowers were placed on skirts and dresses to create interest and an extreme romance.  Look for embellishment on handbags and expect to see textured florals placed on almost every silhouette of apparel.

Feathers were showcased at Alexander McQueen in some of the most beautiful coats and dresses of the season.  Feathers are mostly white and airy and will be used as a trim within accessories and around necklines of dresses and blouses.

Transparent Chiffon is a key component and adds the flounce and airy quality that is integral to this Romance.  From blouses to dresses and skirts, chiffon will be a major player this Fall season.


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