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Today we start our countdown covering Fall’s top 10 trends.  This season we decided to present the trends into moods allowing for more stylistic interpretation.  Accessories and key items will be highlighted within the boards and design ideas will be covered.

The #10 trend for Fall we call LADY PROVOCATEUR.

lady provocateur FALL 2011 TOP 10 TRENDS:  #10 LADY PROVOCATEUR   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

As seen on the runways from Louis Vuitton, Giles Deacon, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy and Thierry Mugler, designers took a fetishistic approach to their collections combining prim ladylike silhouettes with hard-core elements.  A sexual undertone was apparent with leather and metal chokers and wide corset belts as well as hard edge lace up bondage style boots and heels. Transparency was key with designs focusing on showing the waist as well as the bodice with stockings and undergarments a focus.  Louis Vuitton’s show led this trend showcasing all of the right elements to create this over-arching theme.  Marc Jacobs focused on tailored and proper looks for a pristine counterpart to what he did at Vuitton.  Pencil skirts, peter pan collars and fitted jackets were accented with ladylike details such as lace and polka dots. Giles Deacon also got on board with the same silhouettes showcasing ultra-feminine silhouettes with a nod to the fetish with transparency and hard core heels.

Although this trend might be hard to interpret for all markets, there are some major key items to take note of:  THE PENCIL SKIRT, CORSET BELTS, THE COLLAR/CHOKER, PATENT LACE UP BOOTS, and LEATHER ACCENTS.

You can count on seeing this trend heavily editorialized for the Fall season.  Expect French Vogue, V and other high end European magazines to latch onto this idea and mood for their Fall publications.  You can also expect to see the trend translated in the music industry through videos as well as stage performance costumes.  And the movie industry will most likely personify the trend in Fellini like ideas channeling the late 1950′s and 60′s ala La Dolce Vita.



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