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We have some exciting news to share! Guillaume Henry, the young creative director of the storied French fashion house Carven, is set to embark on an US trunk show tour hosted by Barneys New York starting this Friday February 4th in San Francisco. The tour will then move to Los Angeles, Chicago, and end in New York on Feb. 8th, right at the start of NYC Fashion Week! At each stop, Henry will be hosted by the likes of Simon Doonan (SF, LA, Chicago) and Alexa Chung (NYC).

guillaume henry portrait ON THE HORIZON:  CARVEN   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Designer Guillaume Henry

While we are excited to see the Spring merchandise and meet Guillaume Henry, it is also seeing the rise of trunk shows that intrigues us. There has been strong evidence that retail is returning to a time past of actively engaging their customers to lure them back. With trunk shows, designers can carry on conversations with their customers allowing them to build an extra level of connection to the clothes that retailers are trying to sell them. Other designers who have recently been engaging in meet-and-greet trunk shows include Haider Ackermann and Roland Mouret to name a few.

The news of the Carven/Barneys trunk show tour is also extremely interesting because of long legacy of the Carven brand and its re-introduction back into Ready to Wear.  The brand has been gaining popularity since Henry’s debut collection for the house in Spring 2010. The young designer has been able to put the storied French label back in the public spotlight and he has injected much needed youth and relevance into the clothes.logo ON THE HORIZON:  CARVEN   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Carven was founded in 1945 by Madam Carven as a haute couture house. She was a complete novice when she entered the business which enabled her to design with an air of freshness that was ironically quite similar to what Henry is doing for the house today.

madam carven 100th brithday 2 ON THE HORIZON:  CARVEN   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Madame Carven

She was one of the first to promote accessible luxury with clean and refined designs, truly capturing the spirit of Parisian chic. She dressed queens, princesses and empresses, and became a much sought-after creator for the female film stars of the post-war era. Carven has been known widely for her fragrance, “Ma Griffe”, a flowery perfume with overtones of gardenia and jasmine. Her signature green and white striped dress was also called “Ma Griffe” which inspired the brands signature color scheme.


carven first dress signature green stripe also on ma griffe perfume bottle ON THE HORIZON:  CARVEN   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Ma Griffe dress


carven dress 1960 ON THE HORIZON:  CARVEN   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Carven 1960


Unfortunately, where accessible luxury through haute couture was an acceptable practice at Madame Carven’s time, the house’s prominence faded as couture itself took a backseat to Ready-to-Wear. Guillaume Henry spotted the brand’s need to move from couture to ready-to-wear and has spent the last year transitioning the house back into the spotlight.


guillaume ON THE HORIZON:  CARVEN   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Guillaume Henry


Henry studied at Institut Français de la Mode in Paris. He held stints at Givenchy under both Julien MacDonald and Ricardo Tisci, as well as Paule Ka before becoming the creative director for Carven in 2009. He has a tremendous respect for the history of the house and refers to it as a “sleeping beauty”. He has a desire to create accessible, fun, and modern clothes for the brand.  Himself referred to as “a young Saint Laurent”,  Henry wanted to create clothes that are “less evening…and more girl next door…pieces that can be worn from day to night…pieces that focus on the everyday women’s needs”.


1 2 ON THE HORIZON:  CARVEN   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Carven Spring 2011


The Carven Spring 2011 collection is a strong representation of what Henry plans to do with the brand. It is feminine, wearable yet always special and with a twist, it contains strong design details, clean silhouettes, and clothes that suit a wide range of women and occasions. The spirit of Carven is fresh, lively and elegant.


1 ON THE HORIZON:  CARVEN   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Carven Spring 2011


The effort of re-introducing the house as a RTW collection seems to be working. Customers are responding to the more accessible offerings (which ironically matches Madame Carven’s original intent for the brand), and their stocklist improved from 70 stores to 180 in the span of three seasons.


1 1 ON THE HORIZON:  CARVEN   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Carven Spring 2011


It is interesting to see how a fashion house that has completely dropped out of everyone’s radar can reinvent itself with fresh ideas and approach. The house has successfully identified the language of its new customers and taken steps at actively reaching that group of consumers through an irresistible mix of heritage and modernity. This again proves that there is a return to customers being interested in something that tells a story, something that they can relate to.

The Sche Report is definitely keeping  a close eye on Carven during Paris Fashion Week as we are excited to see how Henry continues to take it all the way to the top of the fashion hierarchy.

Barney’s New York and Carven’s Spring 2011 Trunk show tour dates:

San Francisco:  Friday, February 4th 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Hosted by Vanessa Getty and Simon Doonan with 10% of the proceeds benefiting the Peninsula Humane Society

Beverly Hills:  Saturday February 5th 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Hosted by Simon Doonan

Chicago:  Monday, February 7th 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Hosted by Simon Doonan

NYC Madison Avenue:  Tuesday, February 8th 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Hosted by Alexa Chung

You can view and buy the collection at the following stores:

Net A Porter

Opening Ceremony






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    I dig Henry I really do. His rsadoihow is f*cking addictive. His spoken word;funny and inspiring (to a certain degree..have to admit am always getting a wee bit fed up with the; educational-american-do-better-message It leaves a bit of a sour aftertaste the same sour aftertaste I get with vegan punks and jehova witnesses) And furthermore the guy is attractive. He never used to be attractive..But now since hes aging theres a certain melancholy/broken soul look. He reminds me of superman out of work.Going over and over his glory days again whilst drinking coffee..AnywayI dont like the footage. I dont mind seeing the girl going all groupie on Henry. I dont mind knowing that she was prolly eager to swallow,what ever it is that she wants to swallow. What I mind is that Henry is taking an advantage of him being Henry Rollins and Henry who has the protection of the (male) crowd. It reminds me of a coward. And its a bit childish as well.Now having written that..I know that I dont know the entire story. Am also aware that footage these days in most cases serves it selves as the truth..Without knowing the beginning or the aftermath..StillThe guys in the footage..Are ANNOYING .Guys are always annoying..They get in a guy-crowd and all of a sudden its like seeing Jodie Foster in a 80-ies movie getting jiggy with white trash truckers in a bar,until its too late and she starts going: Please help me ..The guys in the footage of Henry kinda remind me of that..So Im taking the side of The Slut..Since she causes such a stir on this site ,its obvious that all of us wish we had her balls to degrade ourselves in public in order to score ..We re just too uptight to admit it..

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