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It is always hard to decipher which trend will be the biggest at retail when sorting thru thousands of runway images.  However, this season there was a clear winner.

Designers all over the world are tapping into a 1970′s mood for Spring 2011. Marc Jacobs was the first to wow us at the start of the Spring Collections with his ode to Jodi Foster via Taxi Driver.  The palette was spectacular and the silhouettes made a huge statement for what was soon going to be THE  #1 TREND FOR SPRING 2011.

I think fashion is always dictated by culture and what is happening in the world at large.  A bohemian movement has been surfacing for the past couple of years similar to the original movement forty years ago. With a war that we are tired of being involved in and politics that find us puzzled, people are looking for ways to connect.

The 1970′s were about individuality and expression and fashion was a big part of the movement.  Within 1970′s fashion, there are several different classifications of style.  The bohemian hippies set trends with bell-bottoms and fringe, feathers and lace always projecting an easy ethereal vibe in their dress.  While the hippies were protesting, the city gals were getting glammed up at Studio 54.  The Dicso queens of the 1970′s set trends in the high-fashion world with sequins and shine, jumpsuits and platforms, and a bright color palette of orange, purple and salmon.  Meanwhile, in Paris, Yves St Laurent was defining a generation of style through his impeccable tailoring mixed with feminine proust which led to the sexual ambiguity of the mid-1970s. In.  His contribution to fashion was monumental in this era with his Safari, Marrakech and Ballet Russes collections all making their mark in the history of fashion.  For much of the decade, Saint Laurent designed collections that emphasized classic styles and reinvented versions of his standard pieces: le smoking, the trouser suit, the tunic, and the safari jacket.

For Spring 2011 we saw all of these fashions re-introduced on the runway through a modern eye.  The runways were filled with fun color combinations and slinky sexuality, luxurious fabrics and amazing embroidery, modern day pantsuits and gypsy silhouettes.  While watching the shows, my eyes were beaming at the splendor of this inspiration in fashion.  The 1970′s have always been my favorite decade and I am thrilled to be able to participate in the fashion full force for 2011.

We’ve broken this trend into different categories for easy direction.  There are many more trends taken from the 1970′s that we already covered in our Top 10 List:  the tunic, transparency, full leg trousers, bow tie blouses, elongated blazers, lace, leopard prints and utilitarian denim.  The classifications below are what we think will be the most successful trends at retail within all levels of the fashion market.

70s   bohemian vintage 1 SPRING/SUMMER 2011 TOP 10 TRENDS:  #1 THE 70S FULL FORCE   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Bohemian looks from the Spring 2011 runways of Anna Sui, Isabel Marant, Roberto Cavalli, Emilio Pucci, Antonio Marras and Alberta Ferretti

BOHEMIAN VINTAGE covers a wide range of ethereal stylings shown by leaders such as Cavalli, Alberta Ferreti and Emilio Pucci.  Anna Sui focused on patchwork and feathers while Cavalli’s intricate leather weaving and lace showcased a beautiful rendition of the trend.  This look encompasses lace and peasantry, flowy transparency and embroidery at its finest. The style for this look is easy going and effortless exemplified by Isabel Marant’s bohemian girl donning peasant dresses with suede scrunched boots.  Wide brimmed hats and leather sandals are mixed with snakeskin and platforms to accessorize the look.  Feathers continue as a detail and patchwork resurfaces.

70s   peasant blouse 1 SPRING/SUMMER 2011 TOP 10 TRENDS:  #1 THE 70S FULL FORCE   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Peasant blouses seen on the Spring 2011 runways of Barbara Bui, Maurizio Pecoraro, Salvatore Ferragamo, Marc Jacobs, Tao Comme des Garcons, Frendi and D&G

Previously highlighted in a “Trend Alert”, the PEASANT BLOUSE will be a huge hit at retail.  Getting its inspiration from YSL and bohemian fashion, the peasant blouse was shown in several styling variations from feminine and charming at D & G to clean and crisp at Fendi.  Variations were seen such as one-shoulder, long sleeve , cropped and off the shoulder. This top is also converted into dresses and jumpsuits allowing everyone to don the look in some way for Spring.  Colors are vibrant with styles focusing on embroidery and volume channeling a traveling Gypsy.  Belts are an important part of this trend as seen at Marc Jacobs and Fendi.  The peasant blouse is a true winner at retail targeting all ages and all body types, styled individually for everyone.

70s   safari 1 SPRING/SUMMER 2011 TOP 10 TRENDS:  #1 THE 70S FULL FORCE   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Safari looks on the Spring 2011 runways of Gucci, Barbara Bui, Christian Siriano, Hermes, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Suno, House of Holland, Jean Paul Gaultier and Eudon Choi

SAFARI looks made a huge presence on the runways aligning with the continued Utilitarian movement in fashion.  From traditional jacket styles to interpretations on woven shirts, the look incorporates front patch pockets and utility belts.  Traditional leather and khaki styles were spotted as well as modern approaches including transparency and prints. Short sleeve and sleeveless jackets are at the top of the list with shirts coming in at a close second.  The fashion forward will choose a variation of the safari shirt while the traditional safari jacket will be a serious contender for the entire fashion following population.

70s   jumpsuit 1 2 SPRING/SUMMER 2011 TOP 10 TRENDS:  #1 THE 70S FULL FORCE   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Jumpsuits seen on the Spring 2011 runways of YSL, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Milly by Michelle Smith and Alexander Berardi

Channeling Studio 54, THE JUMPSUIT makes a bold statement for Spring 2011.  Versions were seen from almost every designer worldwide and included traditional sexy styles to utilitarian and modern versions. Most are sexy and slinky shown in shiny fabrications with deep v-necks and halter necklines.  Others lean more towards a masculine aesthetic channeling YSL’s le smoking and androgyny.  Bold ethnic prints make a mark for daywear while colors are vibrant and sensual for the nighttime regime. Whichever style you choose, a platform shoe is a must to keep the look on track.  Full leg, harem, cropped, bell bottom and carrot are all silhouettes to choose from.  Again, there is something for everyone, choose your style based on the statement you want to make.  My favorites are printed versions from Etro and Gucci’s glamourous color blocked silk styles.

70s   halter top dresses 1 SPRING/SUMMER 2011 TOP 10 TRENDS:  #1 THE 70S FULL FORCE   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Halter necklines from the Spring 2011 runways of YSL, Marc Jacobs, United Bamboo, Suno, Amanda Wakeley, Vena Cava, Maurizio Pecoraro, House of Holland and Issey Miyake

THE HALTER NECKLINE surfaces as a major silhouette for Spring 2011. Interpretations were seen from classic around the neck styles to modern looks playing on the shoulder.  The halter neckline’s main goal is to emphasize the shoulders which leaves many interpretations to unfold.  Seen in wovens, silks, satin and chiffon, femininity and sensuality are key. Look for this neckline in tops, dresses and jumpsuits and kill two trends at once by buying a halter jumpsuit.

Setting itself up to be Minimalism’s biggest competition, the 1970′s movement has only just begun….expect to see more in February when the Fall 2011 collections will be presented.  Stay tuned for more on this trend from THE SCHE REPORT as we continue to break down Spring’s trends in the coming months.


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