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We know everyone out there is spending their hard earned money on gifts for others, which proves hard for a fashionista during the holiday party season.  We ran across this post from the blog “PS- I MADE THIS” which is a fantastic blog giving readers a “How To” on making some of the top trends each season.

This DIY fur bootie idea is genius and we wanted to share the wealth so that everyone can be fashionable without breaking the bank in the coming weeks.  The future of fashion is all about being resourceful: finding things and making new ideas out of them, taking old items in our closet and re-inventing them, and re-cycling our closet as much as we can.

Just one stop at the fabric store and your day look can easily be upped for a nighttime holiday soiree.

tumblr ld2noixllu1qzymieo1 400 DIY JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Inspiration for the look from PS I MADE THIS

tumblr ld2nn1aowd1qzymieo1 400 DIY JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Three easy steps..

Find out more from the post here.


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