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The City of Lights

So I’ve  been in Paris for two days now….its been a busy couple of days!  Getting around has been very interesting as  (a) I do not speak French (b)  have never been here before and (c) have no idea where I am half the time.  I’ve been very adventurous and have been trying to take the Metro around town to all of the shows. Sometimes I make it…sometimes I don’t.  But the joy of finding the place after my two or three trains and a bus is amazing!  When in doubt, the taxis are everywhere and always available.

I’m staying in a great little studio in St Germain des-Pres.  On a little side street called Rue de Canettes right around the corner from the YSL store.  There are restaurants and bars all along the little street.  People are just out there all the time smoking and talking and laughing and having a good time and it goes until the wee hours of the morning.  I have not been able to join the fun quite yet, but I have to say I have really enjoyed the constant sound of good times.

I will admit it is a bit strange being in this beautiful city alone. I keep wishing I had someone to share all the beauty with.  It’s like I am living in my own dream world.  The few words/phrases I utter in one complete day are limited to just a few:  bonjour, merci, s’il vous plaît, excuse-moi, où est le métro….white wine and espresso.  That’s about it.  Luckily everyone I have encountered has been really nice and very helpful always trying their best to understand my broken English which I think has a bit of a French twist to it at this point.

The most general observation I have about this place is that everyone- and I do mean EVERYONE- dresses with a sense of style like no other.  From the older gentleman selling crepes to the 90-year-old woman walking with a cane…the taxi drivers, bartenders, shop girls, EVERYONE has an inherent sense of style to them.  But when you see this city and the beauty and history that it portrays, you wouldn’t expect anything less.  I mean we all are a product of our environment, right?  Let’s just say the people match their city and it has been in their blood for centuries.  I wonder if it has something to do with drinking wine and coffee all day long? Hmmm, I think I might convince myself that it does.

Parisians have 100% mastered and trademarked the ART OF LAYERING.  It’s truly one of the most inspiring things I have seen since I have been here.  I feel like I have been mesmerized since my arrival, noticing every piece of their daily wears.  Living in Los Angeles, layering at this level doesn’t always work as heavy sweaters and furs are a rarity.  However, it could happen in San Francisco and makes me wonder why the people that live there can’t follow suit to these far superior Sartorialists.  Going to have to work on that.

As put together as it can be, the whole look is very effortless. For those of you that haven’t been to Paris or haven’t viewed Scott Schuman’s The Satorialist blog( who is known for photographing these exact subjects), I plan on showing you some myself.  I can see his obsession…it reminds me very much of my thoughts on The Golden Ratio and the Divine Proportion.  Much of the layering is done lightly, meaning not “heavy” layers, but by mixing textures, interest, colors and prints.  Here are a few examples of some Parisians on their way to the Lanvin show today.

The gentleman below I saw walking on the St Germain earlier today and I was very upset at the missed opportunity to photograph him.  Luckily, we ran into eachother again and I was able to snap him.  I’m totally in love with the Classic look of jeans, v-neck sweater and a blazer with brown boots…. the addition of the vintage Fisherman’s sweater is the perfect layer to this unassuming look.

 The City of Lights   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

Outside of Lanvin show- love the sweater with his classic look

 The City of Lights   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

The new Bohemians..layers with velvet brocades in color palette of rust/tan/burgundy/olive

This girl represents several that i have seen about town.  I will show you many more, but they each wear at least 7 to 8 layers including their bags and accessories.  They have a certain new Gypsy feel to them…which is a trend i am defiantly spotting on the runways.  I’ve seen it in jewelry tonite at Jasmine de Milo,  Vivienne Westwood did a Gypsy Pirate show, and Issey Miyake an architectural version of this girl with multi-layered colored knits.

I have so much more to share…so many pictures and ideas!! But I need the time to sit down and share them with you correctly.  Ive got images from Balmain yesterday where the “Chicest of the Chic” were out and I was blown away.  And today the Vivienne Westwood show was a madhouse!! The fashion was out of this world and the mix was amazing.  The scene outside was crazy…walked into the show right next to Beth Ditto.  And then the paparazzi walking with her almost knocked me to the ground…talk about being scared…this would freak me out if I were a celebrity.

Bonne nuit, dormez bien


  1. Lixe

    Great writing! I feel like I am experiencing Paris with you. I am lovin what is in store for the Fall…pure Regalness!!

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