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Exactly one month ago from today an unexpected shift happened in my life. Although unexpected, it was a change that was SO needed. Sometimes things happen differently than we ask. In this case, mine came as a swift blow to the head.
I believe in life there are signs that are given to us daily that guide us along our path. In the past year, I have had several… and although I listened, I kept waiting… and waiting to make a move. In this instance, I didn’t make the move… the move was made for me. It was as if God in the flesh came and had a sit down with me.
I’ve always known what I needed to do… I’ve always known my biggest contribution to my field… but it just hadn’t completely come together in my head.  Until… the best thing happened that could have… an opportunity came my way that I knew would lead me to the answers.

10 days into this opportunity… a visit to London and a weekend in Switzerland with the smartest people I know… and my vision has finally materialized.

My entire life I have always figured out how to differentiate myself from everyone else.  I’ve never been one to do what everyone else is doing and I have always wanted to stand out as an individual with a unique perspective.  This was my difficulty with my vision for this blog. I couldn’t present it in the same capacity as everyone else out there. I had to figure out the best way to showcase my inherent skills and stand out in a sea of sameness.

With a little trial and error along the way in regards to the BLOG (and everything else as well)… my NEW blog vision has finally surfaced.

I present to you “THE SCHE REPORT”

In this blog, I will showcase my vision, my perspective, and my analysis of future trends based on inspirations that are presented to me along the way.  The Sche Report is an exclusive first look at things to come, opportunites to arise and trends to surface.  Whether reporting firsthand from the runways of Paris, highlighting a fresh perspective on art/photography, showcasing a new style of retail interiors, or finding street trends that will trickle up. The Sche Report will forever be telling the story of inspirations for the future of our fast-moving lifestyle.

This blog is targeted to artists, retailers, manufacturers, designers, marketers, visionaries, and everyone else in between who is interested in seeing a vision on what the future holds represented in thoughts, imagery, music, art, design, and occasional wacky observations.

Never expect the same thing, but always expect to be inspired and challenged regardless the subject matter.


  1. sista sus-I

    Yes! Love it. Always good to start anew and get it right. I love you Miss Sche, stay strong and keep it real! You can play around with the look and feel of the blog in wordpress better than blogspot, good call on changing it over. Let’s see some of your true color represented on the screen!!

  2. keepfeelingjoanna

    margaret! wow, your opportunity sounds epic. so happy for you, and i’m looking forward to checking out more of your blog. thanks for sending it my way! : )

    xo joanna

  3. Yadi

    I am so glad to hear from you. I am speechless. I love your blog and I’m glad you are finding new ways to continue your dreams. Can wait to see what’s next.

    Best wishes,

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